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Open June 1, 2013


So...a year or so ago I found out this local Santa Clara county motorcycle consignment store went out of business. The owner was a crook. The motorcycle store was large, filled with all types of motorcycles and had a pretty fair turnover. I would stop by about once a month to see what they had and I read a lot of people came from long distances because they had such a large selection. When it closed I thought it left a huge opportunity for an honest owner. Find a place and they will come, I thought. Make it safe, very secure, and reasonable and they will come.

Well, 2 months later that's not so much the case. As a matter of fact I would have to say the idea has flopped! Certainly I have had plenty of challenges in getting the business going, the main one being a sole proprietor business and finding time to do so much to get a business going. Anyway.....no sad stories here! Just some history and a change in my business plan. I have long been a collector. Now offering all types of collectibles, vehicles and more.

Have you ever watched the show "Storage Wars" on the Discovery or History Channel? That's what I'm doing! I'm buying these items cheap so you can too!!


Gary's Motorcycle Warehouse and 2nd hand store!

More than just motorcycles!

 *********Collectible coins, currency, appliances, art, vehicles, yeah even a motorcycle or two!*********

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1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Beautiful 1995 Chevrolet Camaro, Automatic, 3.4 Liter V6, Running great! Hundreds and hundreds of dollars of new parts and recent work! $2,500 or best offer. Come by to see or test drive. 550 Vermont St. San Jose, Ca 95110 1 (408) 217-9066

US Mint Uncirculated coins sets

US Mint uncirculated coin sets. Most years only $10. They make great birthday gifts and collectible. 550 Vermont St. San Jose, Ca 95110 1 (408) 217-9066

Parting out 1992 Kawasaki 600

Parting out a 1992 Kawasaki ZX600 D Most parts except some of the fairings are available. This picture is just some of them. More to come. Stop on by if you need something. 550 Vermont St. San Jose, Ca 95110 1 (408) 217-9066

Lighted humidifier

Sooo cool lighted, color changing humidifier. $25 550 Vermont St. San Jose, Ca 95110 1 (408) 217-9066

Stuffed Animals

Bikes and skates

New Graco stroller

Toys Children's learning toys $5-$20

more toys

Educational toys

Men's large and extra large T shirts. Many with sports and movie logos.

2 Army military dress uniforms w/extra set of pants each.

3 Sets (shirt and pants) Army jungle green camouflage uniforms and 2 sets of dessert tan uniforms. Different sizes.

Men's and women's pants, shirts, jeans, shoes, hats and bags.

Couch and attached lounge. Micro fiber cushions, vinyl simulated leather trim. Fair condition with some wear on trim and cushions. No rips tears or stains on cushions. $200!

Kind of a tight tweed kind of material on this couch. Some wear and light stains. $100 includes couch and loveseat! Nice area rug.

Really nice microfiber couch. Light wear, no rips, tears or stains on either sides of the cushions. Couch with lounge $300! Compare at any thrift store! The dogs not for sale at the moment but, if you catch me at the right time he might be.

Nice dark solid wood table. A few small chips at edge of table. Couple of the chair cushions are stained or faded. Working on getting them repaired or replaced. Microwave and tall kitchen chairs.

Even some motorcycles. A Suzuki 350 quad, SORRY the Yamaha PW 80 is SOLD, 1978 Suzuki 90, and a Suzuki 500 being repaired.

Sports art

more art. Framed posters $10 each

Game systems, 2 Sega, Playstation 2, Atari, Game Boy, phone systems and routers.

4 working desktop computers. 3 Dell and an e-machine with monitors and keyboards. 1 Dell running Windows 2000 (white one), I Dell running Windows XP and 1 Dell running Windows Vista, E-machine is running Windows Vista. $50-$100 depending on system includes monitor, keyboard and mouse.

3 stereo surround sound systems. $20-$50

Component stereo systems, graphic equalizer, amplifier, 5 CD changer, video control system.

Pioneer speakers

I've got nearly every cable you may need for your computer or phone.

College and tech school books.

Blow dryers and space heaters and fans.

Music and movies

1977 Ford Ranchero GT with 351 Windsor, Automatic, Air Conditioning. This car IS fast. $3,500

Lots more here including collectible comics, toys, and more coins and currency and motorcycle parts. Sill offering motorcycle park and sell too!

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Gary's Motorcycle Warehouse Location

Easy, convenient location right off Coleman and 880 and close to 101 and 280/680. Open various hours. Call for availability. 1 (408) 217-9066

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